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Do you understand how much I love real pure clean chocolate? Of course not, you don’t know me and my chocolate standard. Hu Chocolate is my jam.

Allow me to delve into my infatuation, specifically with HU chocolate...


Whenever I see a fancy package of dark chocolate I instantly want to consume it and become a superhuman maniac BUT BEFORE THAT, I read the back to see if it’s worthy.

Most have refined sugar, palm oil, sugar alcohols, dairy, gluten, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, and cane sugar. HU Chocolate does not have any of those pesky body and mind killers!

I am a freak when it comes to what type of sugar goes into my body and I will say I limit them quite a lot. The only sugar they have in there is a little coconut sugar—and it is not overwhelmingly sweet like those brain-destroying other chocolate bars. It is pure bliss that keeps my fire burning throughout my day...

HU Chocolate has transformed my morning routine into a morning extravaganza!

My morning goes something like this:

  1. Get up and use the bathroom/splash face/shower

  2. Do a light stretch

  3. Make ceremonial matcha tea (no sugar)

  4. Grab my HU chocolate from the fridge (most recently I’ve been salivating over the Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate)

  5. Open my laptop and start writing for my current project

  6. Get lost in my work whilst nibbling on my delicious energizing HU chocolate and sipping on my matcha fuel

3 hours of a powerful session like that and the rest of my day is afloat in the sky.

You may be reading this and wondering, “how can chocolate create such a beautiful feeling?”

Well, a plethora of reasons:

  • First, the main ingredient cacao is a superfood proven to recharge your focus and energy.

  • Secondly, the texture itself makes you question reality because it’s that darn good.

  • Thirdly, once you realize the purity and love put into creating this unique tasting chocolate, you will understand that energy travels into you and your mindset. If that is too foo foo for you, all you need to know is this…

Gifting yourself food that was crafted with family values by a family that believes in offering both health benefits and satisfied tastebuds, you are in fact transferring that energy into your essence. And when you accept that privilege, your day will be similar to mine—A passionate one full of HU chocolate.

You could disregard my revealings here and go back your wanna-be chocolate snickers bar, but that would be going against nature. That would be chocolate blasphemy if you ask me. The choice is yours…

Do you want to change your chocolate game and join the big leagues? It’s not snooty, it’s quite humble and calm up here ;)

Or do you want to get sicker and remain numb with the same old Milk Chocolate trash the Television programming sells you?

If you want to excel in your life, this is one of the best way I know how—HU Chocolate.


Chocolate aficionado.


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